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Our company is a certified environmental and public health protection services provider poised in providing enduring solutions to environmental and public health challenges in Nigeria. The company was founded in 2004 and was fully incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as a limited liability company in 2006 as stated above. The company is a performance driven firm of experts with collective self-determination, training and acquired scientific knowledge and experience.

Among other outstanding policies of the company is that which is seen as a driver to the actualization of the company’s vision – our project implementation policy. This policy ensures all project irrespective of its size and budget is managed in a cost effective manner from start to finish with every project having a professional personnel of the company to carryout supervision with terms of implementation chosen case by case, based on the basis of hand on experience for task at hand.

As a result, we therefore provide all environmental and public health protection services for which we carry sole responsibility under a simple contract term. Our company offers two forms of project execution; a type where we act as general contractor providing all requisite services including inspection, execution and certification of projects and services, the management of the company assumes full responsibility for all works and supplies, appoints subcontractor(s) when necessary and also pays them promptly.

  • incredibly
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capable and effective.

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