Effective ways to permanently get rid of cockroaches.

 Effective ways to permanently get rid of cockroaches.

Cockroaches thrive in moist damp, dark areas regardless of your location or their sizes. The small cockroaches which are almost black/ tan in color are called German cockroaches (Blattella germanica), while the bigger ones which are reddish brown in color and can fly are called American cockroaches (Periplaneta americana).

These insects can feed on literally anything including soap and you might even be attracting them!  That drippy faucet in your tub? Your leftover food, those leaky supply lines under your sink, behind toilet and so on are perfect habitat for them.


  • Improve your personal and environmental hygiene: Keep your home especially your kitchen clean by vacuuming and mopping regularly. Clean between appliances  and under the sink. Empty your trashes can and recycle bins regularly.
  • Put away clutter: The more stuffs that sits around,  the more hiding spaces these cockroaches have. Put away all toys, book-bags, shoes and so on. Get rid of all irrelevant boxes and cartons.
  • Contact a pest control company: Pest experts not only identify and control existing pests within and around your property; They also inspect for possible entry/exit points and hideouts. Various treatments that includes baits and fumigation would be administered.

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