In our environment today, it has been recognized that polluted water/sewage and lack of proper waste disposal promote the spread of vector-borne diseases. Our sewage treatment solutions – JOPAG SDS remove and eliminate harmful pathogens; expel hazardous chemicals, detergents and toxins; reduce odour and improve water colour; and separate and extract valuable substances and clean water from sewage.

We specialize in sewage treatment solutions which target specific contaminants for maximum clarification efficacy, our treatment solutions comply with the world’s strictest sewage treatment and environmental standards. Sewage, or sewage that has not been treated adequately for discharge into rivers or the sea, is a serious source of water pollution and other health hazards such as cholera. Our product is safe, affordable and easy to use in residential and industrial facilities and of international standard as it;

  • Acts on complex protein, human solid waste, animal waste, starches, fats, oil, and grease as well as cellulose (tissue paper) and vegetable gum at an accelerated rate resulting in a by-product that is predominantly water.
  • Digest sewage/wastewater, leaving water that percolates easily into the ground
  • Leaves the Pit Latrines empty, soakage pit clear of sludge and waste water treatment plant cleaner.
  • Reduces ODOUR/FOUL SMELL, FLIES, MOSQUITOES and ROACHES in waste water treatment plant, sewage chamber/ and pit latrines.
  • Dry-up sludge (shit/feces) in sewage chamber/ and pit latrines.
  • Effective for 6months.

To contribute to the delivery of best world class sewage, wastewater and water treatment solutions that stand to prevent rather than treat disease infection through safe and innovative technology thereby promoting healthy living environment.

JOPAG SDS fully compliant her product and services with best international standards as our services stands to:

  • Educate residence on how to handle blocked sewage drainage to enable free passage of sewage into the sewage chamber.
  • Carryout sewage treatment to prevent health hazards and outbreak as well as the spread of communicable disease epidemic through communities.
  • Bring an end to residents and passers-by being compelled to hold their nose and cover their mouths to shut out vile and offensive/foul odour that emanates from filled/broken sewage chambers.
  • Ensure the prevention of air and water pollution which guarantee a healthy and ecologically sound condition.
  • Educate residence on how sewage treatment sludge can be used by farmers as fertilizer.
  • Ensure the reduction in the population of rats, cockroaches and other vermin that bread unhindered in sewage filthy chambers through our integrated sewage treatment solution.