Lasting solution to noise in your ceiling/roof

Lasting solution to noise in your ceiling/roof

Hearing noises in your ceilings/lofts can be quite disturbing and incredibly discomforting whether daytime or at night. However that part of your building is an ideal environment for various pests which maybe trying to escape the heat, avoid predators, find a safe place to raise a family or search for food.

These could be rats/mice that gnaw on electric cables and might result to fire outbreaks!

Birds too thrive there! Apart from annoying sounds from their chirpings and flapping, their nests and droppings attract insects which then carries germs/diseases into your property.

Also it might be a snake slithering in your ceiling; apart from other factors (like the result of roof timber movements due to temperature change).

JOPAG Health and Environment Protection is a recognized pest control company in F.C.T Abuja and Nigeria at large. We are tested and trusted experts in the extermination of all kind of insects, reptiles, rodents, Arachnids and Amphibians.

Our technicians would execute a free roof evaluation/ Inspection and figure out the type of critter that have invaded your home. Our treatments and method of application will definitely keep those unwanted guests from returning, and We are currently running an unbeatable discount: 50% off pest control services!

Contact us today for tackle all your pest problems and concerns.

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