Removing and Preventing Moths in Your Home

Removing and Preventing Moths in Your Home

About moths

Moths aren’t terribly dangerous household pests. In fact, many of them can be quite pretty or fun to watch as they fly seemingly erratically around well-lit areas of your home. They’re part of the Lepidoptera order of insects, the same one that contains butterflies. There are at least 160,000 known species of moths, only a few of which you’d ever find inside your home.

Adult moths aren’t a big threat to your home on their own, but their larvae commonly eat through fabric, especially cotton and wool, and dry goods like bread and pasta.

This can be a huge nuisance and ruin many good clothes, food, and other household items.

There’s plenty you can do to get rid of moths to keep them from ever breeding and snacking in your home again.

8 ways to get rid of moths

Now the part you’ve been waiting for: How in the world do you get rid of moths if they’ve already infested your home? Here are some top tips for effective moth removal:

Tips to prevent moths Here are some tips to prevent moths from getting into your belongings:

  • Brush any clothes made of wool or fur after you wear them outside. Moth eggs can easily infiltrate your closet by affixing themselves to these materials, so scraping them off regularly can help keep any moth larvae from getting inside.

  • Keep your clothes and belongings washed before you store them away for long periods of time. Air-dry them in sunlight, if possible. This ensures that any eggs or larvae in your clothes are rinsed out or killed so that they don’t grow into maturity while they’re in storage don’t plan to wear them for a while.

  • Keep storage areas for clothing and other belongings dry. Moths thrive in moist, humid surroundings. Avoid storing clothes or belongings in basements, garages, outdoor sheds, or other areas that can be exposed to changes in the weather. Put them in an indoor closet, room, or attic.

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