Our Principles

We’re on a mission to exterminate your pests and deliver a peaceful home, office and environment! No matter what business you are in, pests can cause havoc to your infrastructure or reputation. Whatever the industry or facility size, JOPAG HEP can help maintain a pest-free environment which deliver a peaceful environment. JOPAG Integrated Concepts Limited – Health and Environmental Protection carry out our activities under the following principles:

Our Services

Waste Treatment/Management

Solid and Liquid Waste/Sewage Treatment and Collection, Transfer, Disposal and Recycling.

Integrated Environmental Cleaning

Domestic and Industrial Cleaning via Initial Cleaning, Daily Cleaning, Restoration of Marble, Granite, Terrazzo Floors etc., External and Facade Cleaning.

Disinfestation & General Pest Control

Integrated Vector Management/Management (IVM/IPM) via Laval Source Management (LSM), Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS), Space Spray and Insecticide Resistance Management (IRM) to individuals, etc


of Environmental and Public Health Services, Products and Equipment via Cleaning and Pest Control Chemicals and Equipment, Gardening and Landscaping Chemicals and Equipment.

Consultancy and Training

on Environmental and Public Health to Companies, Government, Facility Managers and Corporate Organizations.

Baseline Studies

to provide reference indices for post-intervention assessment of the level of success of deployed vector control measures.

Horticultural and Landscaping

To make our environment more interesting and habitable, we set out its beautification, landscaping, flowering and street outlays, etc

Environmental Impact Assessment

We carry out Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Reports

and more...

was established and is managed by highly experienced personnel, with international experience in the environmental and public health management industry.

Oil Spill Clean-up and Land Reclamation.

Erosion & Flood Control Management Services


Based on our detailed findings and study on mosquito prevalence in Northern Nigeria, the following were reached; we have confirmed the climate of Nigeria to be tropical, and majorly of the drier grassland Savanna type. Typical of tropical climatic conditions, the amounts and distribution of rainfall, as well as, mean annual temperature in this region, are such that, respectively, promote widespread proliferation of stable mosquito larval breeding habitats and optimum metabolic activities that enhance rapid mosquito vector and parasite development. These favourable climatic conditions Learn more