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Lasting solution to noise in your ceiling/roof

Hearing noises in your ceilings/lofts can be quite disturbing and incredibly discomforting whether daytime or at night. However that part of your building is an ideal environment for various pests which maybe trying to escape the heat, avoid predators, find a safe place to raise a family or search for food. These could be rats/mice that gnaw on electric cables and might result to fire outbreaks! Birds too thrive there! Apart from annoying sounds from their chirpings and flapping, their nests [...]

JOPAG Integrated Concepts – Health and Environmental Protection

Who we are JOPAG Integrated Concepts Ltd. is a health and environmental protection establishment duly registered under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and certified to carry out environmental and public health services across the length and breadth of Nigeria and the other West African States. The company is the inventor of the Integrated Mosquito Reduction Intervention (IMRI), the first Nigeria mosquito reduction intervention by a private Nigerian company. We are certified and licensed by the Public Department [...]

Bedbugs infestation, Prevention and Eradication in your Home (Part 2)

Regularly Inspect Your Bedding for Signs of Bed Bugs  This doesn’t have to be a task you do on a nightly basis, rather, whenever you wash your bedding take this time to inspect the condition of your bed for signs of bed bugs or bed bug residue. If you see signs of bed bugs, remove your bedding from your bed and place it in the washer on the highest heat and cycle setting your bedding will allow. The heat and water [...]

Best Fumigation Service Provider in Abuja

The best and most reliable fumigation and pest control company in Abuja and by extension, Nigeria is JOPAG Integrated Concepts Limited. We have over 16 years of experience with tested and trusted results. We have the best, state-of-the-art equipment and technical know-how in the industry. A trial will convince you.

Bedbugs infestation, Prevention and Eradication in your Home (Part 1)

Bed bugs are found in warm, semi-dark areas but most commonly in mattresses and bedding. Nearly invisible to the naked eye, these pests can thrive just about anywhere there’s a frequent turnover of occupants, mainly college dormitories, hotel rooms and even in a home. While checking for bed bugs might not be part of your nightly routine today it's still best you have a look on your bed thereby preventing bed bugs from infesting your home so you can sleep [...]

How to Deal with a Housefly Infestation!

Houseflies are one type of fly in the insect order Diptera, all of which have one set of wings. They are also known as “nuisance” flies. House flies are about ¼-inch long and gray. Houseflies are found almost everywhere people live. They lay their eggs on animal faces, garbage, and rotten organic material. A housefly infestation may not be a major concern, but it can also spread diseases. There are many safe and easy ways to prevent infestations or get rid [...]