World Malaria Day

World Malaria Day

World Malaria Day is celebrated and observed on 25 April every year to raise awareness about this life-threatening disease that continues to pose a threat to mankind.

Malaria is caused due to the bite of the female Anopheles mosquito (which is infected with the malaria-causing plasmodium parasite). Almost half of the world’s citizens are at a risk of malaria and the chances of people residing in poor countries contracting the disease are much higher.

According wto the World Health Organization’s data, as many as 241 million people were infected with this deadly disease in 2020, with most of these cases reported in Africa. While the WHO has stated that malaria is curable and preventable disease with the correct treatment, many people still die from the lack of access to adequate healthcare.

Which is why JOPAG Integrated Concepts has come up with a program called “JOPAG HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION-INTEGRATED MOSQUITO REDUCTION INTERVENTION (JOPAG HEP-IMRI)” in order to reduce mosquitoes and hence malaria in general.

JOPAG HEP-IMRI program is directed primarily at the larval stages of mosquitoes. Control activities are contained to a limited area and have a lower impact utilizing this approach because the larvicides used specifically target the mosquito’s biological systems. Focusing on breeding larvae requires that control be achieved in a number of different types of mosquito sources.
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